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My 5 Tips to Being Symptom Free Through Menopause

In my early 40’s I opened my first, busy Pilates studio. To counteract the stress involved; I had regular, weekly acupuncture sessions, daily Pilates workouts, I was jogging on the beach, drinking 2 litres of water a day, veggie juices, plenty of fresh fruit and veg plus fish and lean meat to keep my body healthy and my mind stress free!

“I was blessed to experience […]

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Pilates for Fitness and Well Being – Five Dock

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Pilates for Men – Sydney

Pilates Is For Men At Any Age.
Here’s Joseph Pilates at age 57 and 82.

More than 50% of my private Pilates clients are men and they range in age from teens up to the 70’s. My oldest client was 93, a former army colonel.
It’s very rewarding to see the benefits that men gain so quickly in their bodies from just a few Pilates sessions.
Most often, men […]

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Pilates – Sydney, Pilates – Five Dock

I’m excited to say, along with teaching Pilates in Randwick, I’m also teaching Pilates in this beautiful studio in Sydney, Five Dock.

For private sessions I use the Pilates reformer and mat plus small pieces of Pilates equipment; rollers, fitball, Pilates ring, Pilates stick, weights and therabands.

If you live nearby I’m offering:
45 minute Private sessions.

45 minutes – $70

Call Liz to book:
M: 0414 2711 00

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Liz’s Pilates ‘Daily Dozen’

A few years ago a friend asked me to put together 12 Pilates exercises for a quick, 10 minute overall workout. I did and here they are!
Liz’s Pilates Daily Dozen!
For those that know the exercises and are injury free. Enjoy!
If you don’t know the exercises please feel free to contact me to learn them. Lizx

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My Tips to Staying Fit, Healthy and Toned!

Having just turned 50, I feel I must be doing something right in the quest to keeping fit, healthy and toned.
My weight has only fluctuated 1-2 kilos since I was 18, I wear the same size clothes that I wore at 18 and I definitely feel stronger and more toned since I turned 40 and began my Pilates journey….plus I have never been on a […]

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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!
I’m looking forward to sharing with you here, my tips and thoughts on health, fitness and life!

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