Welcome to Dynamic Physique Pilates Five Dock

Pilates is not just for rehabilitation from injury, it’s also one of the safest ways to develop core strength and a toned physique. We focus on developing core strength whilst improving posture, flexibility and overall body conditioning. 

Pilates is also preventative, so it will help you in the future. A lot of physical problems evolve over time due to incorrect posture. Doing Pilates is an insurance against issues developing as we age. This greatly benefits longer term health and wellbeing.

We are a quiet, boutique studio offering Private Pilates sessions for your fitness and wellbeing. We cater for all levels of fitness and flexibility. With us, you will feel fit, healthy and toned. Give Liz a call today to get started!

Meet Our Director

Liz Cunliffe

Liz has focused her career on teaching Pilates for the last 14 years. Her unique vision has been honed by an extensive health and movement background. When combined with service industry experience developed at Qantas, Liz’s Pilates sessions are not only physically beneficial for you, but she makes the whole experience enjoyable.

Dynamic Physique Pilates was founded by Liz in 2009, with her first bustling studio in the heart of Randwick. She has since developed her Five Dock Pilates studio into a warm and welcoming place where you can feel comfortable to focus on your fitness, rehabilitation and well being.

Stay motivated, stay fit



What is Pilates?


Pilates is a form of exercise and body conditioning based on the work of Joseph Pilates (1880 – 1967). It is known as one of the safest ways to a strong, toned physique focusing on developing core strength whilst improving posture, strength and flexibility.

Breathing is coordinated with movement thereby assisting to balance the body and improving fitness and wellbeing. Pilates is suitable for everyone at any age. It is also used for rehabilitation and general prevention of injury.

Unsure about Pilates?


“ Like a lot of guys, I have played a lot of sports and I used to think Pilates was for girls. I remember my flexibility was really bad. I couldn’t get off the lounge room floor without the aid of a nearby chair.

However I have been with Liz over 2 years and I can say that my flexibility and core strength has gone through the roof. I recommend Liz – certainly life changing stuff…..”

David Goding, Business owner
“I love my weekly Pilates class at Dynamic Physique Pilates and Liz is an excellent teacher. I attended several different Pilates studios trying to find a teacher who knew her stuff, but when I first went along to Liz’s class I knew I wouldn’t have to look anywhere else.

She’s knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging. I look forward to my classes every week.”

Katherine Chatfield, Journalist
‘I didn’t think I was ever going to return to my pre-2-babies figure, but with Liz’s help I certainly have done… and in fact, I feel a lot stronger than ever before with a more correct posture.

I am now more in tune with switching on my core muscles which helps every day from picking up heavy things like chubby kids! You cannot underestimate the power of Pilates when practised correctly.’

Cheers Anya, Marketing Consultant